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Quarry Nurseries Aster Collection
The Asters will be available from 2nd September 2020, varieties can be seen growing in my stock border.
Most Asters are for sale are in 3ltr pots at £5.50 each. (Subject to availability)

Special Offer - 6 x 3ltr pots for the price of 5 (27.50)


Click on a plant name to see a photograph (opens in new window).

Aster Novae Angliae (New England Michaelmas Daisy)
Alex Deamon Ht 130cm Purple Sept-Oct
Anabelle De Chazal Ht 100cm Light Rose Pink Oct
Augusta Ht 90cm Lilac Blue Sept-Oct
Barrs Blue Ht 120cm Purple Blue Sept
Barrs Pink Ht 150cm Lilac Pink Sept-Oct
Evensong Ht 130cm Violet Purple Sept-Oct
Herbstachnee Ht 120cm White Sept-Oct
Kylie Ht 110cm Pale Pink Oct
Little Bella Ht 80cm Rose Pink Sept-Oct
Lou Williams Ht 160cm Light Red Oct
Lucida Ht 140cm Purple Red Oct
Lye End Beauty Ht 140cm Purple Pink Sept-Oct
Marina Wolkonsky Ht 130cm Deep Violet Blue Oct
Mrs S. T. Wright Ht 140cm Lilac Blue Sept-Oct
Millenium Star Ht 90cm Rose Pink Sept-Oct
Naomi Ht 120cm Pale Pink Sept-Oct
Pink Parfait Ht 130cm Rose pink Sept-Oct
Primrose Upwards Ht 140cm Light Purple Red Sept-Oct
Purple Cloud Ht 160cm Lilac Purple Sept-Oct
Purple Dome Ht 75cm Violet Purple Oct
Rubinschatz Ht 130cm Deep Purple Pink Sept-Oct
Rosa Stieger Ht 120cm Light Rose Pink Sept-Oct
Sayers Croft Ht 130cm Deep Mauve Pink Sept-Oct
Treasure Ht 140cm Light Violet Purple Sept-Oct
Harrington Pink Ht 140cm Soft Rose Pink Sept-Oct

Aster Novi Belgii (New York Michaelmas Daisy)

Autumn Beauty Ht 100cm Lilac blue Sept
Blue Bouquet Ht 40cm Lavender Blue Oct
Blue Lagoon Ht 50cm Violet Blue Sept-Oct
Chatterbox Ht 35cm Pale Pink Sept-Oct
Chelwood Ht 100cm Mauve Pink Sept-Oct
Daniella Ht 15cm Lilac Purple Oct
Dora Chiswell Ht 40cm Purple Blue Sept-Oct
Jean Ht 40cm Deep Violet Blue Oct
Krista Ht 35cm White Sept-Oct
Lassie Ht 100cm Pale Rosy Pink Sept
Little Pink Beauty Ht 35cm Mauve Pink Sept-Oct
Little Pink Pyramid Ht 40cm Mauve Pink Oct
Mistress Quickly Ht 120cm Violet Blue Sept
Percy Thrower Ht 90cm Deep Lavender Blue Sept-Oct
Terry’s Pride Ht 50cm Purple Pink Oct


Other Aster Species and Cultivars

Aster.amellus ‘King George’ Ht 60cm Purple Blue Aug-Oct
Aster.cordifolius ‘White Chief’ Ht 150cm White Sept-Oct
Aster.cordifolius ‘Chieftan’ Ht 150cm Lavender Blue Sept-Oct
Aster.divaricatus Ht 40cm White, Dark Stems Sept-Oct
Aster.ericoides ‘Golden Spray’ Ht 90cm White with Gold Disc Sept-Oct
Aster.ericoides ‘Snow Flurry’ Ht 10cm White, Prostrate Oct
Aster.frikartii ‘Jungfrau’ Ht 70cm Violet July-Oct
Aster.frikartii ‘Monch’ Ht 90cm Lavender Blue July-Oct
Aster.laevis ‘Chester Star’ Ht 180 cm Pink
Aster.laevis ‘Vesta’ Ht 150cm White Oct
Aster.lateriflorus ‘Lady in Black’ Ht 100cm Young Foliage Purple Red Sept-Oct
Aster.lateriflorus ‘Prince’ Ht 75cm Pale Mauve Sept-Oct
Aster.macrophyllus ‘Twilight’ Ht 80cm Violet Aug-Sept
Aster.pyrenaeus ‘Cotswold Gem’ Ht 70cm Pale Purple Pink
Aster.sedifolius Ht 90cm Lavender Blue Aug
Aster.trinervius ageratoides var. harde Ht 120cm Deep Violet Oct-Nov
Aster.turbinessus Ht 120cm Lavender Blue Oct
Little Carlow Ht 120cm Lavender Blue Sept-Oct
Phoebe Ht 80cm Pink Sep-Oct


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